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Reading Gym

Let your child’s love for reading take off!

At My Chapter One, we believe that every child can find themselves in books. We believe the right atmosphere and consistent exposure are all you need for your child to be a great reader!

Welcome to My Chapter One’s Reading Gym, a year-long programme that spans three thematic trimesters*, where children will enjoy a diverse spread of books, work on a variety of reading strategies and activities – and eventually become life-long readers!

In our Reading Gym, your child will get:–

  • 3 thematic trimesters*
  • 12 books every trimester
  • Progress to higher Reading Bands
  • A variety of reading strategies
  • Challenging, skill-based activities


The young readers will take on a different book every week. Along the way, they will:-

  • work on a number of level-appropriate skills (including phonics, reading strategies, and writing)
  • Hone their 21st century learning skills (creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking)
  • Be exposed to new ideas and knowledge
  • Become increasingly motivated to read for pleasure

What you have at the end of the year is a child, whose eyes will surely light up at the sight of a new book!
We currently offer sessions for Beginners (Band 1) and Emerging Readers (Band 2).
To sign up, or know more, get in touch on 959-929-7285.
*Each trimester consists of 12 weeks.

Partner with us!

Our Reading Hosts are the true heroes of our programs – highly qualified, skilled women who serve as dependable role models and channel the best in every student they work with. In their role as Reading Hosts, these women provide an environment for children to not only fully immerse themselves in our book selection, but also maximize the gains from their books, socialize effectively with their peers during the group activities, and develop emotional skills that will serve them for years to come.

What does My Chapter One look for in a Reading Host?

Our team handpicks women who are filled with the urge to motivate children to be the best versions of themselves. Our Reading Hosts are avid readers themselves, and highly qualified individuals, hungry to pursue meaningful careers, while following their passion and channelling their core skills.

A My Chapter One Reading Host must be :-

  • A lover of the English language, books and children
  • A well-spoken and confident communicator
  • Creative, energetic, and eager to educate
  • Creative, energetic, and eager to educate
  • Passionate and motivated towards her career
  • A woman with a healthy network of parents
  • An enterprising and independent individual
Why become a Reading Host?

  • Minimal hours equivalent to that of a part-time job
  • Flexible timings – you remain the complete owner of your time
  • Work from home – set up the reading gym at home for children from your neighbourhood and network
  • Above-average income reflective of your qualifications and skills
  • An opportunity to expand your network and become an entrepreneur
  • A chance to be an inspiring role model to the next generation
  • An enjoyable and productive use of time
  • An accommodating and welcoming work environment

Our Reading Hosts earn a corporate salary comfortably from home. They work minimal hours and flexible timings, and take great pleasure from their work. Spending time with children and books is highly rewarding for them.
If you are enthusiastic about books and working with young readers, My Chapter One would be delighted to have you as a Reading Host! Get in touch with us on 959-929-7285.

The Reading Host Experience

I enjoy seeing the children’s interest in reading, and the mindfulness of the moments we spend during sessions.


What I like most about being a Reading Host is the experience of reading with kids and watching them grow.