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A Book A Day (6-9 years)

Summer vacations are around the corner and so are the parent’s fear of children being hooked on television sets and watching endless content. The media houses are gearing up to shower and lure kids with the best possible series and programs on air. While summer vacation is the time for fun, relaxation and enjoyment, it’s also the time where children can lose 2 months of language skills. My Chapter One’s A book a day summer camp where children will Binge Read and explore the world through books!
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TURBO PHONICS (3.5- 6 years)

Gone are the days when as kids, we had to memorise spellings by heart. A misplacement of a and e, one alphabet here and there would get the whole spelling messed up. It was such an uphill task to memorise long lists of spellings for dictation. That’s because we didn’t learn to read words through phonics. There is a difference between learning to read and learning ‘how to read’.Phonics teaches to connect letters and symbols to their corresponding sounds and combinations of sounds thus making reading easier and simpler - by the rule. This summer, My Chapter One is conducting a Turbo Phonics camp for young children between the age group 3.5- 6 years.
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The Wonderful Summer Camp of 2022

Summer vacations mean different things to different people. For some, it’s about packing your bags and setting off to your grandparents’ house, and for many, it’s time to enroll your children in summer camps.
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Amazing Benefits of Phonics for young Kids

26 words of the alphabet. Does that mean there are just 26 sounds to them? Not really. There are essentially 44 phonics sounds that one should be able to identify to be able to read fluently.
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What makes Nancy Drew an Amazing Read

Nancy Drew books have always been one of the bestselling novels that anyone who loves mysteries and teen detectives should read.
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Frost, Mist and The Christmas Book List…

I’m sure all of us are busy making or at least thinking of our New Year Resolutions. While some of us may have just one resolution, many might have a long list of resolutions - ranging from reading to rock-climbing - for the coming year.  And from what we’ve heard…pssst… Travel seems to be topping […]
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Love from our Reading Family to Yours….

It’s that time of the Year. The nip in the air, the sparkling string of lights, hot chocolate, the aroma of plum cakes filling houses, gingerbread man cookies and our little children busy writing to Santa, dreaming about Santa and wondering which list they’re going to be on!
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Read and Let Read!

Why children should choose their own books. You walk into a bookstore with your child. You quickly refer to the list you had saved, "Books for 9 year olds."
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10 books your child is sure to love

As children hit the age of 6, they begin to undergo many emotional changes. With increased attention spans and creative thinking skills, kids this age can read books for a longer amount of time. And when you give them the right books and tools, they turn into successful readers. Here are the top 10 book recommendations for your child from My Chapter One (reading age 5-14)!
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A very special hot air balloon journey

How did a hot air balloon come about to sum up the My Chapter One experience? When we started out with My Chapter One, we had an ambitious vision for our company. Our team was small – only about four of us. We were excited about synthesizing our brand identity and figuring out who we […]
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