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Posted by My Chapter One on 02.12.2021

It’s that time of the year. The nip in the air, the sparkling string of lights, hot chocolate, the aroma of plum cakes filling houses, gingerbread man cookies, and our little children busy re-reading their Christmas wishlists, writing to Santa, and wondering which list they’re going to be on! 

It’s the festive cheer that’s all around. The year is coming to an end. Time to reflect upon the experiences from the past year and the lessons they taught us. Reminiscing the fun we have had and looking forward to all the new opportunities the new year is all set to bring.

New Resolutions. New Beginnings. New Chapter. 

My idea of a perfect holiday would be to travel to a place. Be amidst nature. Relax, unwind with a cup of hot coffee and a book. The best part about being a reader is that one can never be lonely in the company of books. If I had to describe a book as a person, there are so many adjectives that I would use. 


The list can be lengthy and never-ending. But the fact of the matter is, for a person who loves to read, a book can always be their best friend.

When you look back at the year gone by, you look at what all you accomplished, the places you traveled to, the memories you made, people you met, movies you watched & the books you read.

The books you or your child read will obviously stay with you in some way or the other. Maybe in the form of something it taught you, or in the form of what it made you realize - made you giggle, cry, or just inspired you to send a “hi, how are you?” to a friend whom you haven’t been in touch with! 

Whether we realize it or not, reading teaches us a lot of things - all the more so to children. In today’s day and age, classroom learning isn’t enough. One must explore other aspects of learning. And reading is one of the major areas that can give a child an edge over others. Reading is an exercise for the brain. And the more they exercise it, the sharper the brain gets.

A study conducted in 2009 by the University of Sussex showed that reading can reduce stress by up to 68 percent. It also works faster than other calming activities. It helps children

  • Learn the basics of words and sounds
  • Develop longer attention spans and concentration
  • Enhance their vocabulary, thinking, and communication skills

Various studies have shown that reading books together develops a stronger bond between parents and their children. So, this holiday season, curl up into your favorite reading corner with your child and have a fun time reading stories to each other.

Wishing you and your family a bright and joyful festive season from our family at My Chapter One to yours.

Be merry, Be happy!

That’s all from us for now. Happy Reading.

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