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My Chapter One provides children a welcoming community reading space to engage with peers and books, and build the habit of reading.
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Why Read?


Reading keeps your child entertained and occupied at the same time with an add-on advantage of improving vocabulary.


Books are the perfect vitamins for children's brains! The mental stimulation from reading fuels the memory and develops critical thinking skills.


Reading allows a child to travel from one place to another, and discover different personalities and lives. The more you read, the more your mind opens up to new information and knowledge.

Writing skills

Reading brings awareness about new and different writing forms. And curious young readers find their own voices through creative writing.


Reading helps children think beyond their capabilities, have their own opinions, create stories, and build diverse thoughts in every aspect of their life. Reading can bring out new emotions in children like empathy, compassion, and kindness.


Children tend to have more fun by reading books with their peers and joining in in reading activities - this helps them open up and develop social skills.

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Our Programs

My Chapter One's raison d'être is to make reading and writing fun for children. Ergo, our two leading programs - Reading Gym and Young Writers Workship were conceived.

Reading Gym

Reading Gym provides a safe space, impactful books, and carefully-designed programs to nurture readers. With this year-long program, children sharpen their language skills, improve their reading ability, and learn that reading can be done for pleasure. They grow in terms of knowledge and exposure to ideas, and cultivate the four 21st century learning skills - creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. 

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Young Writers Workshop

My Chapter One believes anyone can learn to write while having fun doing it. The Young Writers Workshop is an 8-week program that helps children develop, refine, and express ideas through short stories that culminate in an e-publication. The children, guided by expert writers and editors, experiment with characters, plot lines, actions, and emotions, and learn the creative writing process from beginning to end. 

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Expert Reading Hosts

Our highly-qualified Reading Hosts have a penchant for books and a passion for making a change in children's lives. The Reading Hosts provide a conducive reading environment for the students, and stay abreast of their interests, abilities, and growth. Our Hosts possess the right formula of patience, flexibility, and determination. What's good about having a Reading Host who is energetic and knowledgable, who can modify her teaching methods based on the child's learning style and progress, is that the child has an exceptional ally and role model.

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