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When we think of a world without reading, we think of a world deprived of history, discovery, wit and colour. We can’t imagine a world where the great philosophies of the west, the beautiful epics of the east and the tense politics of the times in between weren’t entrusted onto paper and handed down for us to experience, almost magically, in hard bound books.

When we see a reader, we see those who dare to be aware, give voice to their thoughts, speak confidently to the community and value their experiences. We dream of a generation that isn’t deprived of the wealth and treasure that is stored up in good books, and so we present the #NeedToRead campaign.

We at My Chapter One are calling out to a community of dreamers, nurturers, doers and believers like us who recognise that reading is not just another skill, but is the skill that unlocks the possibility to acquire every other skill. How can we make sure the love of reading isn’t robbed from our children?

We’re asking you to begin by signing the #NeedToRead pledge. Take the pledge for your child TODAY and give them a reading community that makes a difference, one page at a time!

As an appreciation for your support, we will reward your child with a FREE reading session at My Chapter One’s reading gym.

Take the pledge to support the revolution today!

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The reader's manifesto

We pledge the #NeedToRead
To read today, to build tomorrow’s readers.

We aim to spread the word
to build a community of intentional readers,
Of those who bury their noses in art and history,
And those who flip through pages of great philosophy.

To raise those who shoulder visions of great authors,
With books that carry knowledge,
and hearts that care for deep matters.

We aim to nurture a generation of young thinkers,
their heads filled with words and dreams,
and pages worn with bookmarks and hope.

To never deprive our children of good books
or rich thought...
Fact or fiction,
Horror, comedy, adventure, and the lot!

We pledge our children's #NeedToRead today.
We pledge our children's #NeedToRead now.
To pass on our love for reading, we take this vow.

Rewards and benefits

Free reading class

Kick off the #NeedToRead pledge with a FREE reading class for your child (ages 3.5-14) with My Chapter One. 

Curated book recommendations

We make it easy to commit to the pledge with exclusive book recommendations for your child.

Exclusive reading community

Become a part of the #NeedToRead community and be showcased on our social media, newsletter and more.

Why do children #NeedToRead?

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