Expert-led reading and writing programs for children (ages 3.5-14)

Reading Gym

Reading Gym caters to three reading levels - reading on the lines i.e literal comprehension (Early Readers of ages 3.5-7), reading between the lines i.e. inferential comprehension (Emerging Readers of ages 6-9), and reading beyond the lines i.e. evaluative comprehension (Independent Readers of ages 10-14).

We follow a "Show, ask, listen; don't tell" methodology, while introducing our students to innovative and time-tested reading skills and strategies. We believe that a collaborate-and-learn approach goes farther than a competitive approach with our students. Our book selection is carefully curated, and carries invaluable learnings with respect to diversity, respect, empathy, and inclusivity.

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Young Writers Workshop

My Chapter One believes that every reader can be a writer. Young Writers Workshop is a workshop for children of ages 10-14 who are keen on telling a story. This two-month-long workshop, which culminates with an e-book of short stories, is spearheaded by trained Reading Hosts, and professional writers and editors.

The students learn to navigate all steps of the creative writing process and come out equipped with a toolkit that will guide them with their future writing and publishing endeavours. Each session exposes them to elemental writing skills and strategies, taught in a fun and creative way. Our Reading Hosts align their mentorship with the writing needs of each student, and ensure that he/she gets personalised feedback.

Our goal is to expand on the practical aspects of the writing approach, maintaining focus on free expression of speech and building a strong relationship with the children and their imagination.


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