Early Readers Ages 3.5-6

Let your child’s reading journey TAKE OFF!

A structured and progressive phonics based reading program to teach your child to learn to read, spell, comprehend and build a habit for life.
Spark a love for Reading
Build the right foundation
Enhance language skills
Achieve academic excellence
Get ‘Classroom ready’
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How the Reading Gym works

8 sessions 
every month

Reading Gym is all about building consistency and habit formation, and that’s why we call it the ‘Reading Gym’. If you have decided to raise a reader, then you commit to 8 sessions every month. We will set you up with a right reading teacher matching your child’s level and your convenient time slots. Your child will start reading within the next few months.

Guided sessions By 
reading experts

Our trained, qualified and super cool reading teachers are the core of our Reading Gym. Being voracious readers themselves, they rub off the excitement and inspire the love for reading in your child, while building phonics, spelling and comprehension skills. Every session, your child will be introduced to sounds and they learn and practice various phonics skills, along with guided reading. (Yes! your child will read aloud every session)


Though our classes are super fun, we are very serious about every child’s progress. There are specific goals for every session and at the end of every 3 months, we do an assessment and give you a detailed report on the sounds and skills your child has mastered. It will also tell you if there are any reading gaps and what your child should focus on to grow into a reader.
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Choose your subscription plan

3 Months

₹ 275 per session
₹ 2200 per months 

6 Months

₹ 229 per session
2200 per months 
Pay for 5, get 1 month free

12 Months

₹ 206 per session
2200 per months 
Pay for 9, get 3 month free

What skills will your child learn in the Reading Gym?


Your child will start their reading journey by learning the relationship between letters and sounds. Each week they are introduced to a few sounds and their corresponding representation. Then they will be taught to blend the sounds together to read words. As they progress, they will learn advanced phonics skills to help them read more complex and longer words. 


Decoding is the ability to apply the knowledge of sound letter relationships and correctly pronounce written words. It is the foundation for all reading skills. Your child will be explicitly taught to decode unfamiliar words by breaking them into smaller parts, using phonics rules and syllabication strategies. With repetition and practice, they will be able to decode any challenging words with ease and style.

Sight Words

Sight words are high frequency words, and they make up more of 50% of any reading material. These are words like is, has, and, the etc. Your child will learn to read these words by sight, as a whole, without sounding out or spelling them. In Reading Gym, we cover a comprehensive list of sight words and your child will learn these words by repetition and through games. Once they master the list of sight words they will be able to read more than 50% of a book, much faster and smoother. This will give your child a sense of accomplishment and motivation to read even more.


We teach spelling as decoding the other way round. While decoding, children identify the letter, sound them out and blend them to say them as a word. When they spell, they listen to the word as a whole, segment them into sounds and write it as letters. One of the ways we check your child’s blending skills is through spelling. Spelling is a part of every session.


Though the major focus in this level is to get them to decode words, we also start building early comprehension skills. Using 100 handpicked books, echo reading and prompts, your child will be taught to derive meaning from the text. They begin to think about the characters and story, ask questions, make connections and visualize what they are reading. 


At this stage, your child’s brain is learning hundreds of words every day, not through explicit instruction of words and meanings but by hearing them in a meaningful context. And that’s why books are the number one way to expose them to rich vocabulary.  At the Reading Gym, we use colourful pictures, exciting books and creative activities to introduce and familiarize your child to a big bank of rich vocabulary. 

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Why should you choose My Chapter One Reading Gym?

We started the Reading Gym, not just to build excitement about reading, but to create better leaders for the world. Books are our tools and we use them wisely to make this generation into insightful, empathetic and creative leaders of tomorrow.

Structured, Scientific and Proven Methodology

Qualified and Trained Phonics Teachers

Emphasis on building the foundation for reading and a habit for life

Collaborative learning with a personal connect

‘21st century skills’


When will my child read?

If your child is an absolute beginner, he/she will begin reading simple 3 letter words within 3 months. Unlike the regular memorization method, the progress in phonics based reading is exponential. Within 12 months, your child will be able to blend and read about 2500 words using the phonics methodology.

Are these classes in person or online?

We have both the options. Currently, we have our in person classes in Chennai and Bangalore. We are slowly expanding across major cities in India. Online classes are available for students across the country.

What skills will my child learn?

  1. Letter-Sounds Association 
  2. Blending 
  3. Segmenting (spelling) 
  4. Rhyming  
  5. Decoding 
  6. Word Recognition (Sight words)
  7. Speed Reading 
  8. Vowel Patterns 
  9. Digraphs
  10. Diphthongs
  11. Syllabification 
  12. Affixes 

What do I get for the price?

  • Access to 100 books 

Bad news: If you were to buy these books for your child, it would cost you at least Rs. 30,000/-

Good news: Your child gets to read them in the classroom within the fee you're paying.

  • Sessions with qualified, trained, passionate reading teacher 

Money can buy books, but it will not make your child read. And you already know that as a parent. To get your child to read, you need someone to work with them, to inspire, to role-model, to build consistency, to teach techniques and to have fun. Our teachers can do that for you and you will be thanking them with every success in your child’s life journey. 

Our per session cost is lesser than the cost of a pizza or a movie ticket. Isn’t it worth it? We are not babysitting or story telling your child, we are nurturing them. We believe your child is a seed with a huge potential and we want to help you give them the right resources. You might not see the potential of the seed now, but in a few years, you will be surprised and we would like to be a part of your journey. 

  • Curriculum by literacy experts    

While what you see is the teacher who will be working with your child, there is a big 

team of literacy teachers, language experts and book lovers, handpicking every book and creating lesson plans, activities, worksheets and challenges to engage and support your child to grow into a life-long reader.