Emerging Reader Ages 6-9

The BEST way to get kids excited about reading!

A collaborative and fun reading program using 100 handpicked books to build reading fluency, master comprehension skills and build a habit for life.
Spark a love for Reading
Enhance language skills
Achieve academic excellence
Become a lifelong learner
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How the Reading Gym works

8 sessions 
every month

Reading Gym is all about building consistency and habit formation, and that’s why we call it the ‘Reading Gym’. If you decide to raise a reader, then all you need to do is to commit to 8 sessions every month for your child. We will set you up with the right reading teacher matching your child’s level and a time slot convenient for your child. You will start seeing the magic and benefits of our Reading gym within the next few months.

Guided sessions by 
reading experts

Our trained, qualified and super cool reading teachers are an important part of our Reading Gym. Being voracious readers themselves, they rub off the excitement and inspire the love for reading in your child, while building fluency and helping them master comprehension skills. A significant part of every session is guided reading (Yes! your child will read aloud every session) along with thoughtful discussions, personalized worksheets and creative activities to build core reading and comprehension skills.


Though our classes are super fun and focus on reading for pleasure, we are also very serious about every child’s progress. Our curriculum is aligned to the international reading levels like DRA, Lexile and fountas, and Pinnell. We do an assessment of your child's performance every 3 months and give you a detailed report on how your child is doing and their progress levels. It will also tell you the areas that your child should focus on to grow into a lifelong reader.
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Choose your subscription plan

3 Months

₹ 275 per session
₹ 2200 per months 

6 Months

₹ 229 per session
2200 per months 
Pay for 5, get 1 month free

12 Months

₹ 206 per session
2200 per months 
Pay for 9, get 3 month free

What skills will your child learn in the Reading Gym?

Reading Fluency

Fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy and proper expression. Children who are not fluent readers, find reading very strenuous and end up not wanting to read. At Reading Gym, our expert teachers use specialized guided reading techniques to build fluency and help children skillfully read at an appropriate pace with modulation and intonation. 


Most children with decent exposure to books are comfortable understanding information at the surface level but good readers understand the deeper meaning of a text. For eg:  A character has a diaper in her hand, a spit-up on her shirt, and a bottle warming on the counter. From the given description, a good reader will be able to identify that this character is a mother. With our guidance and techniques, they will be able to make inferences, recognize implications, and draw logical conclusions, resulting in stronger, deeper comprehension making them enjoy reading more and get completely absorbed in books.

At the Reading Gym, your child will be taught to think actively and deeply to comprehend at multiple levels, using 36 comprehension strategies. The classroom learning is  accompanied with personalized comprehension worksheets to build critical reading skills. 


We use a combination of explicit vocabulary instruction, creative activities and a lot of reading to expand your child’s vocabulary bank. In every session we introduce them to a vocabulary list and teach a combination of strategies to help register and recall the new words. Ultimately, the goal is to make the word come to them intuitively. 

Knowledge Themes

Books have always been well known as the most dependable source to gain knowledge. With every book, your child will explore one knowledge theme (Eg: ) and through activities and games, they deep dive into the topic which makes them more knowledgeable.

This knowledge grows in your child. Like Warren Buffet says, “It grows like compound interest.” 

Writing Activities

Whether it’s by hand or by computer, writing is an essential skill for academic success. Children in school are often expected to write to express their understanding and many universities require students to write essays as part of their admission application. However, writing is a challenging skill to master. 

Reading Gym is the place to give your child a head start in writing. Using prompts and simple creative activities, we introduce children to three types of writing - narrative, informative and persuasive. Our expert teachers provide constructive feedback on their content, choice of words, sentence construction, and organization, thereby grooming their skills to express their thoughts and ideas effectively.

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Why should you choose My Chapter One Reading Gym?

We started the Reading Gym, not just to build excitement about reading, but to create better leaders for the world. Books are our tools and we use them wisely to make this generation into insightful, empathetic and creative leaders of tomorrow.

Book-based curriculum

Qualified and trained reading teachers

Emphasis on building the habit of reading

Collaborative learning with a personal connect

'21st century skills'


Will a 6 year old and an 8 year old be in the same class?

Yes. We follow mixed group learning, like the montessori environment. Children between the age group 6 to 9 work together.

They read the same book and have a series of collaborative activities where the younger ones follow and imitate the behavior of the older children and the older kids lead and take responsibility for the younger kids. In this kind of an environment, children have increased social and emotional understanding, they are more collaborative and appreciate differences.

Though they are in the same group, their activities and prompts are differentiated based on their age and skill level. Each child gets a personalized worksheet that’s exactly at their current reading level.

Are these classes in person or online?

We have both the options. Currently, we have our in person classes in Chennai and Bangalore. We are slowly expanding across the other cities in India. Online classes are available for students across the country.

Will children be reading using hard copy books?

As of now, children will be reading from a digital library. Digital libraries give us access to a wide variety of collections at a cost that is significantly cheaper than physical books. And there isn’t any out of stock problem with digital libraries.

Having said that, we are exploring distribution of physical books for in-person classes.

What do I get for the price?

  • Access to 100 books
    If you need to buy these books, you would need to spend at least Rs.30,000. 
  • Sessions with qualified, trained, passionate reading teacher
    Money can buy books, but it will not make your child read. And you already know that as a parent. To get your child to read, you need someone to work with them, to inspire, to role-model, to build consistency, to teach techniques and to have fun. Our teachers can do that for you and you will be thanking them with every success in your child’s life journey.
    Our per session cost is lesser than the cost of a pizza or a movie ticket. Isn’t it worth it? We are not babysitting or story telling your child, we are nurturing them. We believe your child is a seed with a huge potential and we want to help you give them the right resources. You might not see the potential of the seed now, but in a few years, you will be surprised and we would like to be a part of your journey. 
  • Curriculum by literacy experts    
    While what you see is the teacher who will be working with your child, there is a big team of literacy teachers, language experts and book lovers, handpicking every title and creating lesson plans, activities, worksheets and challenges to engage and support your child to grow into a life-long reader.