Young Writers Workshop

A workshop to hone children's abilities in key areas of creative writing and enable them to produce a full and complete short story, ready for publication

Young Writers Workshop

Learning to write and e-publish a short story

How does it work?


  • Create and utilize plot diagrams for structured writing
  • Understand the rise and fall of a story, and develop a perspective of the beginning, middle, and end
  • Apply the 'building-block' theory to story-writing, to ensure that all elements (characters, setting, situations etc.) are fully developed

What does your child get?

Workshop sessions

  • 8 sessions over 8 weeks, of duration 1.5 hours each
  • 4-6 feedback sessions

Independent tasks

  • 8 weekly worksheets to record ideas and thoughts, and apply writing skills and strategies


  • Bonus short film, book, and film suggestions for observation of  storytelling concepts put into practice


  • E-publication of a short story compiled in a storybook
  • Certificate

What does your child learn?

Writing skills

  • Forming characters and situations
  • Establishing the problem in the story
  • Organizing the sequence of events in the story
  • Writing scenes with description, action, and emotion
  • Editing a work-in-progress to a fully cultivated story
  • Designing the cover and illustrating the story
  • Preparing the final draft


Ages 10-15
8 weeks
1.5 hour session/week
₹ 5,000*

2 Months

  • Ages 10-15
  • 8 weeksk
  • 1.5 hour session/week
  • 6 Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Discount code: YWW08

₹ 625 per class

₹ 5000 10% off ₹ 5500
*GST applicable

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