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Posted by My Chapter One on 02.07.2022

My introduction to Reading Gym

The other day, I received an email from my child’s school with the subject line – ‘Welcoming children back to school’. The term back to school felt so joyful! It instantly brought a smile to my face – no, not just for the fact that finally, the kids will be off to school and their routines after 2 long years of being online but also because yippee! I finally get to have my hot cup of coffee while it’s still hot! 😉

But the next thought that came to my mind almost busted my anticipated joy of having a hot cuppa! Just 2 days to go for the new session to begin and we still haven’t figured out the checklist. Ya! The regular checklist that we make before we begin a new session. And so, I sat and started jotting down the list of items needed for the school year!

List of items: 

  • Stationery – check
  • School bag – check
  • Lunch bag – check
  • Sipper – check
  • Shoes – check
  • Uniform - check
  • Books – check
  • Bus fee – paid
  • School fee – paid

Phew! I breathed a sigh of relief after spending some time figuring out the checklist items and finally updating them with the status. Done! 

Now that the children will be off to school, it’s time to update another checklist too – the one which includes the following :

Grocery list - Updated

Gym membership - all those donuts need a place to dissolve into sweat! 

Netflix subscription - AH! at last…… 

Amazon Prime subscription - a momma needs that, you know! Last-minute stationary requirements!!

Just as I was updating the list, my phone rang. It was a fellow mother and also my gym partner– she called to check about resuming our gym routine. We spoke about how excited we were about the session to begin, renewing our gym membership, things she’s been binge-watching on Netflix, etc. What she mentioned next was something that got me curious and confused. 

Apart from the other things she had subscribed to, she mentioned subscribing to her children for a Reading Gym. Wow! That did sound interesting. 

“The term reading gym suddenly had me imagining a brain doing workouts”, I said. She replied with a ‘ Bingo! That’s what they do … oxygen to the brain… thru books! Isn’t it the same as a library? I asked.

She laughed and confessed that this is exactly what she thought about it until she took the subscription to the Reading Gym. She could sense my next round of questions that had cropped up in my mind and so she went ahead and explained the whole concept like one would to a 5-year-old. Here is what she said: 

“What all subscriptions do u have?” she inquired. “Netflix”, I said with a grin that reminded me of my 10-year-old! “And?”, she prompted.


Amazon Prime - gives me the benefits of faster delivery and also the content 

Gym membership

Salon 6 monthly subscription because they had great offers, I was too tempted! 

Library subscription - saves me the space constraint and also a wide variety of books

kindle unlimited - get to read some books for free Disney Hotstar - cute kids movies”


“Okay”! she interrupted my thoughts, “so that’s a list that takes care of entertainment, physical fitness and appearance and variety of books to an extent.” But what about some brain exercise for your little one?

Haha…. yaaa! They do have mass PT once a week and also the gymnastics classes I’ve enrolled her for! And apart from this, free play of course. All this I’m sure counts as overall exercise! 

“Absolutely! That’s great” came the reply!

“Now, how about a dedicated program that provides the ultimate exercise for your child’s brain?”

Wow! exercise for the brain! Great idea, I said! So, what kind of exercises do they do?

I could sense her smile on the other side, the ‘been there done that’ kinda smile. 

“Yeah, they do exercises and activities but not the kinds that you’re thinking!” - Wow! she could read my mind - reminded me of the fantasy genre! 

“So, the reading gym is actually a reading space (online or offline) where children come together for a common purpose and that purpose is to READ.” 

“Ah! Just like a library!” I exclaimed. Just like the student who felt triumphant on answering a question in the class! 

“YES and NO” - was her reply! 

Yes, because it has the features of a library & 

No, because it's better than a library and better than a book club! 

5-second Silence. Processing mode on at my end.

“Okay! And how? what is so different about them?” I asked sounding curious. 

A set of rapid-fire questions and answers started next!

“What do you do in a library?

  • Issue books.

And read them? 

  • Yaa sometimes read them together, and sometimes push my child to read!

And why do you have to push her to read?

  • Well.. that’s because reading is a good habit. 

Do you think pushing her to do something will make her love it more or make her averse?

  • Averse! (although honestly, I was confused about it)

“Yes, you are right!” she agreed.”So, reading should be presented to children like chocolate and not like medicine. They need to love something for them to do more of it. “

‘Chocolate’ .. got me distracted for a tiny second. But the features she was mentioning kept me hooked on to the conversation. 

“My Chapter One’s reading gym actually makes children fall in love with books.” 

“Fall in love with books? how do they do that?” was my next query! 

“They read and learn together in a group. Peer group reading really helps children read better and be more motivated and inspired to read.“

Also, they have reading experts - our well-qualified teachers, who hand hold your child as they take on their reading journey. 

They just don’t ‘read’ books in their sessions, they discuss, do activities, and also have worksheets around writing and comprehension.”

Do they design the content for these worksheets? I enquired.

“Yes. they have one of its kind book-based curriculum and the list of books that they have are not just random titles. They are  handpicked by their reading experts.”

List of books, as in? Do they provide us with a list to read?”

“Not just provide. They have 100+ titles across various genres which the children can access during the sessions and the Reading experts also recommend books  to read as per the child’s age”

“But I have already taken a membership of a library where I get access to so many books!” I spurted out.

“But does the library help your child read?

Does it have experts to assist

Does it provide a collaborative learning environment with a personal connection

Or a progress report every month? Along with a book tracker?”

I paused for a moment and the answer was NO!

That got me thinking! Wow! those are so many benefits. 

“Not just this” she continued…” Building 21st-century skills and making them future-ready is something that happens organically at My Chapter One’s reading gym. Thanks to their overall approach and curriculum.”

That’s so good to know. Just yesterday, I was searching for public speaking and creative writing classes for my daughter. 

“Look no more,” she smiled!

“My Chapter One also conducts workshops around public speaking and creative writing, In fact, their young writer's workshop is a big favorite amongst children ages 9-12 years. Here, they don’t just get guidance to write creative pieces but also have their ebook published at the end of the session. This year’s summer camp young writer’s workshop was based around the fantasy genre.”

“Does that clear your doubts or are you still confused?” R asked.

“That was so informative and helpful, R! Thanks a lot.

Just one last question before we hang up, please?”

Sure, go ahead.

“Do they have any batches according to the age group, reading level, etc?”

Oh yes! Their Reading programs have 3 levels – early for ages 3.5-6 years, emerging for ages 6-9 years, and independent for ages 9-14 years of age. So, if you’d like, they do an assessment for your child and recommend the program that your child fits best in. And the best part is, that you can write to them and request an experience session to observe and understand their teaching process. 

“That’d be wonderful, let me call them right away!

Thanks a lot, R for introducing me to this wonderful concept of a Reading Gym. Reading is something that needs to be nurtured from an early age. With our busy schedules, at times it’s not easy to maintain consistency in a reading routine.

My Chapter One’s Reading Gym sounds like the right place to spark the love for reading in my child.”

“It is! - she said, confidently. “Okay then, I’ll see you at the gym!”

See you! Bye. 

And guess what played on the radio just after I hung up!

“Country roads..take me home 

To the place, I ‘belong’………..

The universe gives you signs …. I agree! 🙂

A Reading Gym! Yayy!


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