The Wonderful Summer Camp of 2022

Posted by My Chapter One on 12.03.2022

Summer vacations mean different things to different people. For some of you, it’s about packing your bags and setting off to your grandparents’ house, for some it’s the mountains are calling and for others, it’s time for sandy toes and flip flops! And for many of you, it’s time to enroll your children in summer camps. 

The one thing thats very common during summer break is the fact that kids tend to be glued to television sets. With a variety of programs to choose from, kids centric series and so much content leads to an increased screen time.

To tackle this, My Chapter One is organising a summer camp where the children will Binge Read. A shift from screen time to Read time is whats our motto this summer!

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In short, summers are the big break for kids to refresh and recharge! Summer is a great time for children to revisit what they’ve done in the past year, learn new skills and enjoy with peers. And one such avenue is Summer Camps. Summer Camps are a great place to provide children with fun experiences.

Summer Camp is a great way to provide your child with fruitful experiences that they can look back upon. Summer Camp makes for some memorable experiences in the lives of children. It is a break from the daily monotonous routine and gives them something new and exciting to indulge in! Your child will learn many new skills, make new friends and create loads of memories. Group activities help them to learn how to work in a team, inculcate leadership skills and social skills. 

Less screen. More books. Yes! That’s our plan for this summer.

Some summer camps are skill-based and offer one skill through a span of 2 months, the others have a combination of activities for all age groups. This summer vacation, My Chapter One brings to you a Summer Camp for Children Ages 3.6- 14 years.

This summer camp offers a variety of activities for your child. Here are the details about the Summer Camp activities by My Chapter One.

TURBO PHONICS (Ages: 3.5-6)

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Turbo Phonics Summer Camp is a program for children between the age of 3.5 to 6 years for a head start in Reading. It’s a fast track program just for 2 months of summer, where children will learn 5 phonics skills in a fun and playful way! Phonics activity kit delivered to your doorstep by My Chapter One. They will be reading 32 enriching stories with morals and values. Headstart to reading this summer!

* Home kit with phonics worksheets
* Activities
* Sight words poster

For more details, fill in the enquiry form and we'll get in touch with you.

A BOOK A DAY (Ages: 6-9)

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A binge Reading Program for Children aged 6-9 years where children read 40 books within a span of 2 months. Moving children away from Screen time and moving them to Read Time. The best place to convert a reluctant reader into a child who loves books! The children will be reading 40 books in a span of 2 months. They get to create a personal Explorer’s encyclopedia. Exciting independent activity kit delivered to your doorstep by My Chapter One.

All children will get:
* A home kit with age-appropriate storybooks
* surprise weekend tasks
* scrapbook & stationery

For more details, fill in the enquiry form and we'll get in touch with you.

FANTASY QUEST (Ages: 9-14)

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The children will Binge read 3 books from the fantasy genre by the famous author of Percy Jackson – Rick Riordan. The book that’s on our list is Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan. The children will not just be reading but also learn to collaborate, communicate and explore characters and themes. The 3 novel series delivered to your doorstep by My Chapter One... Binge Read this summer!

For more details, fill in the enquiry form and we'll get in touch with you.

YOUNG WRITERS WORKSHOP- Fantasy Edition (Ages 9-14)

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My Chapter One is conducting a creative fantasy writing workshop as a part of their Summer Camp for children between the age of 9-14 years. They will be learning story world building, character development with a step by step guidance and tips from experts. This will help the students build their short fantasy story step by step every week! The compilation of all the short stories written by them will get published in an exclusive ebook. Personalized feedback from editors will also help them improvise their writing skills. If you have children who are keen to write, it’s time to bring out the author in your children by enrolling them in the workshop. 

It’s time to become an author this summer!

For more details, fill in the enquiry form and we'll get in touch with you.

Whoa! That’s a whole lot of activities to choose from. So, go ahead and book now.

Get in touch now!

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So, this summer gift your children freedom, creativity, and self-discovery.

Children are born with wings, we are just helping them to FLY!

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About My Chapter One

My Chapter One helps children dive into the world of books and fall in love with reading. It maneuvers kids away from digital entertainment and towards wholesome real-time fun, through reading sessions and activities devoted to iconic books. My Chapter One handpicks reading instructors who guide children towards becoming independent readers, and subsequently, more imaginative, empathetic, and academically-inclined individuals. All in all, our company’s goal is to create a world of little readers, bright-eyed at the prospect of a new book.

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