Reading Host Partnership Program

A community of Reading Hosts building life skills in children through engaging reading and writing programs
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Who is a Reading Host?

Reading Hosts are the champions of My Chapter One's vision. Reading Hosts provide a stimulating environment for children to fully immerse themselves in books and come out as life-long readers. Our highly-trained Reading Hosts are of a growth mindset, acting as dependable role models, and going above and beyond with engaging children in deep learning. Above all, they are patient, kind, and supportive, in whose presence, the student thrives academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Join us as a Reading Host if you are

  • Passionate about working with kids
  • Excellent at the English language
  • A go-getter and aspiring entrepreneur
  • Creative, energetic, and eager to inspire
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Why become a Reading Host?

  • Purposeful work
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Work from home
  • Minimal hours
  • Satisfying income
  • Continuous training and upskilling
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Our 5-step Reading Host matching process

Perform a primary appraisal and background check of the candidate
Conduct a preliminary interview to review the candidate's academic qualifications and previous work experience, and estimate the candidates' language, communication, and leadership skills
Measure the candidate's capacity to work with children, entreupreneurial spirit, technical skills, theoretical and practical understanding of the role, and alignment with organizational values
Detail partnership terms and specifications
Onboard the candidate, and provide orientation, material, and support to become a successful Reading Host

50+ highly-qualified Reading Hosts

Hear from our Reading Hosts

“I feel proud to be a Reading Host because it gives me a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction. As a Reading Host, I perform the valuable task of developing a reading habit in younger minds with My Chapter One's structured programs, and this gives me a feeling of accomplishment. My Chapter One fulfilled my desire to work from home and follow my passion.”
“Little did I know that signing up to be a Reading Host at My Chapter One would be an exhilarating ride. I took it up as I loved to be with children and enjoyed gently prodding them to read. Spending an hour a day with my students refreshes my mind and energizes my thoughts. My "entrepreneurial" skills rose to the occasion and I am enjoying this new phase of my life.”
“I love reading and inspiring people around me to read as well. My Chapter One has given me the opportunity to make this a career. The children I teach are a joy to meet every day; they are quick to adopt new skills, and their excitement and smiles truly brighten up my day! I have also been spellbound by the efforts of the My Chapter One team. They take care of all the material and processes – the posters, the lesson plans, the technical support, follow-up – from beginning to end. I am really happy to be associated with this team!”

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